Do 2nd Tier links Work?

So you get a good link on a decent news related site and then you create other links like this one that points to the tier 1 link. So you have a good piece of content and a quote from the CEO that gets severely edited down to almost nothing but you at the will of these guest bloggers who promise the world to the highest bidder.

Next you go back and forth throughout the editing process until you realize that you have zero say on what goes on.

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys & Advertising

I don’t really get the sudden influx of attorney advertising on TV and radio anymore. Isn’t all about the web? How can I track besides asking if the TV spot is actually working? Brand awareness is really hard to gauge. Even if you do have brand awareness with the public on your side you can be dam sure that when it comes time  to hire an attorney (out of necessity) you are still going to visit their website and see if they suit your needs.

There has always been the ambulance chasers and now there are these workers’ compensation attorneys who feel the need to advertise like there is no tomorrow. All it takes is one firm and the rest follow. There was the back of the bus lawsuit and now the other guy is producing TV commercials that run day and night.  Add to that a PPC budget over $20k/month and you basically leave little to no room for the little guy. How does the solo practitioner survive?

Well first off they can hire a really good SEO who is well versed in local SEO because that is the small firms bread and butter. And it will be significantly easier if we are not talking a major metropolitan center but the suburbs where the bug guys are not. That is where to start with these workers’ compensation lawyers who are going up against the large firms in the big city.

Then these small firms and solo practitioners need to go out and shake hands and network like there is no tomorrow like the big guys are spending. You can generate your own brand awareness on your time, on your scale.

more on attorney digital marketing to come…


Pitching PPC To A Personal Injury Attorney Who Has Been Burned Before

Well that happened today. 5 agency types (probably only 2 were necessary) and one highly successful personal injury attorney in Philadelphia who only will take your case if you are permanently damaged and there is a 7 figure settlement in your future.

The biggest issue as always is money. But especially in this case where the attorney’s firm had been badly by someone who had no idea what they were doing. The last time this firm had an Adwords account was 2011. With a spend of only $22k over a 11 month period over $17k of it was wasted completely. In the meantime PPC has become insanely competitive with personal injury lawyers. This particular client is well known for their medical malpractice lawsuits. For better or worse I suppose. Don’t ask a doctor.

So now after spending $180k on traditional media, video, and new website we go in there asking for another $10-12k per month on Adwords. The problem is there are 2 firms in Philly spending nearly 10 TIMES that amount gobbling up all the clicks (and cases) within the medical malpractice practice area.

So what do we do? Go after super low volume keywords such as cerebral palsy, spinal cord, and birth injuries? Or can we go in another direction and partially meet some of the demand for medical malpractice queries.

August 3rd 2015 in Philadelphia

Cole Hamels was very average in his first start with the Rangers but that isn’t surprising to me, I was never a defender and if the outfielder and catcher we got from the Rangers work out it will be a great trade for the Phillies.

In business news we have a big pitch meeting for a large Adwords contract to a Philadelphia personal injury law firm. I’d love to read other pitch stories. Both horror stories and successful ones would be a great learning experience.

Still waiting for her to show up. Will it ever happen?

The other business is going very well. Will this family law client come thru and actually have a business plan in place? Somehow I get stuck with clients who like to fly by the seat of their pants. That usually doesn’t work out in business. Just a thought.